3 Reasons Why Nice Guys Should Get More Credit (But Never Will)

18 Jan

I am absolutely sick of my friends going out with losers. It drives me mental- especially because 99% of the time she has a man right in front of her face who is kind, sweet, funny and actually cares about her. Ask any girl- they will almost certainly have had an opportunity to get together with one of these great men, but instead have chased after the idiot in the leather jacket. I get annoyed, but I know I am guilty of exactly the same thing. It’s one of life’s great conundrums that is seemingly impossible to break out from. Here are some reasons why nice guys will always, unfairly, finish last.

#3 They don’t pose a challenge

It’s perverse woman 101. Men who are deemed “clingy” or “needy” are just automatically placed in the not-interested category. Even if the only thing they’re doing is texting the girl to make sure they get home safe after a night out, when a man hands themselves to a girl on a plate, it just won’t happen. The only exception to this is if they meet and simultaneously fall in love. In this case, they will be equally clingy and needy with each other within the first fortnight. And that’s just gross; no-one wants to see that.

In the land of common sense, not posing a challenge would be a great thing. Girls are always complaining about how difficult it is to get a boy to show interest in them, right? True, but unfortunately girls are exactly the same as boys in that chasing=failing.

Stop chasing me, seriously

In a dating situation, girls want to feel challenged. They want to feel like they need to bring out their A-game in order to get what they want. It makes for more of a thrill, and it creates more drama- which girls love, by the way.

#2 They share all your interests

If a girl meets a nice boy, and they seem to share all the same interests as you, this is a good indication that you may well be compatible. At least, that’s the way it would be in common sense land. However, as no girls have ever, in the history of the world, taken up permanent residence there, we can safely assume that this will not be their first thought when this happens. Instead, they will think one of two thoughts.

1. Aww we have so much in common! We should be great friends and never, EVER ruin that with the potential of a relationship.

2. Hmm, we have so much in common… he must be lying to try to get in my pants.

Either way, it’s not good news. What would work way better is if they shared one, minor interest for the girl to obsess over. Or actually, if they had no interests in common at all. That would pretty much guarantee that the girl would stay up all night on Wikipedia cramming as much information about the subject as possible down her throat in order to impress the guy next time they see each other.

This girl is studying for her “Arsenal FC” exams… I mean her second date.

#1 They are perfect

This is number one mostly because it is the most ridiculous. The thing is, girls like to be right. In fact, they love to be right. They also love to think that their influence can improve things, especially a man. It’s an over-used cliché in films, but it is sadly a little bit true that a flawed soul makes for an intriguing and irresistible character. If a girl can see potential in a man and then be right about that potential, all of her aspirations about men and love in general are fulfilled. It’s like being in a Katherine Heigl film… but in real life.

An hour and a half is all Katherine needs to turn an unemployed druggie into the perfect father

Of course, it never works that way. Idiots will continue to be idiots, no matter how incredible the girl’s influence is.Man sluts will continue to be man sluts, and slobs will continue to be slobs. Unfortunately, the underlying psyche of girls is impossible to change. Perfect guys are just not interesting enough for many girls.


One Response to “3 Reasons Why Nice Guys Should Get More Credit (But Never Will)”

  1. Practical Happiness November 18, 2012 at 4:34 am #

    So true. The notion of being a challenge and playing hard to get has been taken way too far. Both men and women are being brainwashed to make the opposite sex chase them. While a little bit of chasing can be fun and build attraction, when people play too many mind games, especially over texting, they remind me of immature teenagers who are embarrassed of something they shouldn’t be embarrassed of – being interested.

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